SMX 650 Radial Forge

SMX 650 Radial Forge


The SMX 650 Radial Forge comprises a highly rigid press frame in which four hydraulic cylinders with corresponding tools are arranged in an "X" shape. Compared to mechanical machines with eccentric drives, SMS Meer's design impresses customers with its clear, simple and easily accessible layout. The hydraulic drive allows all important forging parameters to be selected freely and flexibly. Another significant advantage of the hydraulic drive (compared to mechanical drive solutions) is the fact that the maximum forging force is always available throughout the entire forging stroke.

What's special about this is that each of the four hydraulic cylinders has a relatively short maximum stroke, allowing rapid backward and forward movement. The encapsulation of the workpiece in conjunction with the high number of cycles ensures a high degree of deformation and a freely adjustable rate of deformation suited to the material. The degree of encapsulation of the tools substantially improves formability. The forge generates 13 MN (1,460 tons) of force per pair of dies


Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Titanium, Powder Metal and Low Alloyed Steels

Additional Supporting Processes

Heat treatment and turning


Minimum Maximum
Input Weight 13,000 lbs.
Input Size

25” Round

24" Octagon

21" Square

Input Length 60” 144”
Output Diameter 3.5”  
Output Length 40’