Universal Rolling Mill

 Universal Rolling Mill


Operation of a rolling mill, such as the two-high/four-high universal mill that produces slab and plate products, as well as blooms and billets, is unusual. The mill has an annual capacity of 140,000 tons, and consists of the following in-line equipment: mill approach table, descaler, mill stand, delivery table, hot bed, shear and exit section. The descaler has an operating pressure of 2,400 psi.  The mill is powered by twin 3,500 horsepower DC motors that operate at 10 to 80 rpm, with a screwdown system that consists of two 75 horsepower DC motors that operate at 34 inches/minute.  The maximum separating force is 10 million pounds.  Mill speed can vary from 377 to 754 feet/minute.


Nickel Alloy, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Titanium, Powder Metal and Low Alloyed Steels

Additional Supporting Processes

Heat treatment, straightening and flattening


Minimum Maximum
Input Weight 14,000 lbs.
Input Height 32”
Input Width 42”
Input Length 72” 144”
Output Dimensions (2Hi) 4” RCS 12” RCS
Output Length (2Hi) 34’
Output Dimensions (4Hi) .500”
Output Length (4Hi) 15’