Power Generation

Forging and Engineering Solutions for Power Generation

Power Generation demand is regaining strength and our ongoing investments focus on expanding our product offering of power generation products in response to this opportunity and the needs of our customers.  Chief among our investments has been the acquisition of the greenfield North Jackson, Ohio facility which features a brand new SMX 650 Radial Forge, all of the downstream heat treatment and finishing equipment, as well as a premium melt shop with an ALD VIM  and four VAR remelt furnaces. This aquisition brings our total companywide fleet of VARs to eleven.  We will also be adding an inert gas ESR furnace at the end of 2016, bringing our total fleet of ESR furnaces to five.  The inert gas ESR is state of the art technology that produces superior purity levels that translate into longer component life in more aggressive environments.  The radial forge adds to our existing hot working capabilities, expanding the size range of the products offered, improving product quality and enhancing service levels to our customers. 

Our forging quality billet, flat bar and plate products are primarily used to produce blades for steam and gas turbines.  We supply round bar for bolting applications, and forging quality rounds and ingots for the production of rings used in the casing system of the turbine.  We also engineer and manufacture special shape products for both power generation and aerospace customers at our Titusville facility where we cold roll specialty steels to our customer's precision specifications.