Specialty Shapes

Customized, precision-rolled shapes made from coiled strips, flat-bar or extruded bars.

Product Details
Grades Precision rolled, near net and hot rolled shapes are available in any material your design specifies - including high performance alloys, stainless steels, tool steels,  and aluminum.
Capabilities Customized shapes in coil or straight lengths
Cross Section 0.020" – 1" thick by 0.500" – 6" wide
Dimensional Tolerance ± 0.001"
Contour Tolerance ± 0.002"
Surface Finish 12 RMS

Profiles = Profits

Precision rolled, near net or hot rolled shapes from Universal Stainless' PRP division, greatly reduces our customer's production costs through:

  • Increased material yields
  • Less machining
  • Reduced machine and tool investment

Product Processing

Sophisticated product requires sophisticated equipment, and the PRP division has developed the equipment to meet the challenge. With our state-of-the-art CAD system and technical expertise, our engineers will develop a product to your specification requirements.

With 18 rolling mills (including 3 FENN Mills), we have the capability of hot rolling or cold rolling and can provide bar and coil in a wide range of sizes and materials. PRP specializes in dimensional control and surface finish.

Heat Treating

After rolling, shapes can be vacuum heat-treated or annealed to retain or enhance metallurgical properties to your specification.

Austenitic 302, 303, 303Se, 304/304L, 309/309S, 310/310S, 316/316L, 321, 347, F9
Ferrite and Martensitic 403Cb, 403/410, 405, 418 (Greek Ascoloy), 422, 430, 430F, 440A, 440C, Jethete
Precipitation Hardening 15-5, 17-4, 17-7, 450
High Temp A-286, L650, 600, HX
CrNiMn N60 (UNS 21800)
Premium VIM Melt 13-8, 300M, 316/316L, 4330, 4340, 625, 718, 750, 9310, A286, Jethete, L605
Aluminum Please inquire
Inquire for grades not listed.